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High Branch Brewing

Our Story

TJ discovered his love for making beer in New Hampshire in 2009 after receiving his first home brew kit. From there it quickly grew and was overtaking his free time. It was inevitable this would turn into something more and High Branch was founded in November 2015. We were a bit naive and quite underfunded, but help from family and friends and our passion for beer kept us going. After signing a lease, we carved out our little corner of an old textile mill and got to work. While quite small High Branch was the first operating brewery in Concord.

Taking a step back in our story, it should be mentioned that our beer journey started in New England, and for that reason we based the business on what we knew. We produced beers unique to NC (at the time) and felt that if the beer was good enough, people would come. The brewery and tap room space was no frills, while keeping the quality of the beer as the top priority. We like to think people appreciated that, and one night in 2015 our dream was born. High Branch was only open 3 days a week since we couldn't produce enough beer. Honestly, it was lucky it was right before Thanksgiving because it gave us a good reason to close the tap room the second weekend and get more beer ready. But we made it, and for several more years we reinvested and grew the business. Met some amazing team members through the years and with them High Branch grew to the point it is now, often where most breweries start these days, but we did it our way. We're ready for whatever comes our way.

The brewery started on a very limited budget with little knowledge of the road ahead. Blood, sweat and tears (literally), this whole expeirience has been very humbling, and it has had its share of ups and downs. We wouldn't recommend anyone start a brewery like this, yet we wouldn't have it any other way. We won't stop reaching the "High Branch".

Who is High Branch? Meet our talented team below.

TJ Creighton photo

TJ Creighton


The boss. The brains. The heart and soul of High Branch. He would never write that, but we did. If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting and talking to TJ, you'd know he is extremely passionate about craft beer and brewing. Always striving to be better, whether it be personally or for the business, TJ will never settle - it's just who he is. We're truly honored to have him as our humble, fearless leader.

Likes: beer obviously, smoking meat, wetting a line, listening to podcasts

Maureen Creighton


The actual boss of High Branch, sorry TJ. Maureen is the glue that keeps our team together. She loves some good 'ol forced family fun, team bonding, and the words "what the f*ck". When she isn't on social media reminding you of when we're actually open and if our beer has lactose in it, she's on social media reminding you of when we're actually open and if our beer has lactose in it.

Likes: reading books, gardening, just being outside
Bret Haynie photo

Bret Haynie


Affectionately referred to 'round here as "Dad", this guy does it all! He's the creative force behind our labels/website/merch and isn't afraid to throw down in the brewhouse. He keeps us organized and looking good. The best lawn this side of the Mississippi, ask him he'll tell you (but for real). Oh and he's also the guy we call when the internet is down or the point of sale stops working. His job truly never is done!

Likes: gaming with the boys (shady rep), runnin' early in the morn, a nice cup of french vanilla creamer with decaf, graphic design
Brandy Logan photo

Brandy Logan


If you don't recognize Brandy, where you been??? Brandy started as a High Branch customer and won us over with her enthusiasm for craft beer and exceptional customer service. She's got a secret talent for making amazing charcuterie boards and is your go-to-gal regarding anything Disney. When she's not slinging kegs and cases to our devoted accounts, she's dreaming of seeing the Northern Lights, taking a tour of Italy and even learning to knit!

Likes: cooking, Disney vacations (cruises, the World, and Aulani), sushi, craft cocktails, The Fratellis, 90s music trivia, cats, Dexter, NC State, Toyota, Shawshank Redemption
Amanda Hucks photo

Amanda Hucks


We still remember when Amanda would come in and drink us out of our Norway Hill, our OG Barrel-Aged Saison. Those were the days! Our wood-burning, tender of all the plants, and lover of Barrel-Aged Sours, Amanda has been a loyal fan since the beginning and with us since 2018! Favorite High Branch beer? Amalgam and Escalante (for obvious reasons). Her blue eyed Siamese cat, King Gloid, runs the show at home!

Likes: pyrography (wood-burning), nature, music
Jadrian Escalante photo

Jadrian Escalante


Jadrian is our Assistant Brewer, but he's so much more than that. As our resident black metal dude, "Juice" does it all in the brewhouse. Make beer, yes! Run the canning line, uh huh! Take out the trash, of course! A quick learner and an even bigger lover, "Jason" earned his spot at High Branch very early on. Don't have anything nice to say? Well, he's got our back yo, so watch out for that flying headbutt!

Likes: nerd life
Rebecca Tucker photo

Rebecca Tucker


Our most "animated" team member, Rebecca, can often be heard singing or seen dancing behind the bar, and we love her for that! She's a hazy lover, especially for the OG, McGill Ave. We asked her what a typical day looks like for her but honestly it was way too long to put in here so we'll just say she's pretty busy! Rebecca is a licensed clinical mental health counselor though, so that's pretty cool too.

Likes: the beach, mountains, music, chocolate cures everything (at least in the short term), yoga, family + friends, being somewhere warm with a cold beverage
Kirk Werth photo

Kirk Werth


Kirk, our biggest sports fan, leads the front of house at High Branch. Strongest personality trait? A mix of stubborn and determination. Depends how you look at it! His favorite thing is connecting customers with a beer or style that they have pre-conceived notions about and changing their mind about it. Kirk's favorite beer would most likely be Caroline or Amalgam (Mmmmmm).

Likes: watching tv + having a few, Seminoles, Jets, Lightning, Braves, Hornets, Manchester City
Gabriel Jaklik photo

Gabriel Jaklik


A photographer, a gym junkie, and a pizza fanatic walk into a bar. Just kidding, that's one person! Gabe is our master planner of all private event rentals, a job that requires an excessive amount of coffee. Gabe is also a server in our tap room and loves talking to unique and different people from all walks of life. His bucket list: Summit Machu Picchu, explore New Zealand, and have his own farm animals!

Likes: film photography, cooking, lifting, hiking, definitely pizza, definitely making my own pizza, definitely adding too much cheese to my pizza, gaming, magic the gathering, nerding out on coffee, good talks, beer, music
Brandon Dolce photo

Brandon Dolce


Pump The Brakes! No, really, this is Brandon's favorite High Branch beer. A lover of sours and IPAs, he's quick witted and enjoys meeting all sorts of interesting people! He is also a teacher and has a cat named Tatum. When asked what's on Brandon's bucket list, he replied, "Go to a Wrestlemania for the experience" - so if anyone has any tickets, hit him/us up!

Likes: pizza, chinese, collecting video games + systems, drinking beer
Danielle Moore photo

Danielle Moore


Danielle's favorite kind of beer is something "super fruity, non-beer tasting", ahem, can you say Boujee? We think she'll fit in just fine around here. Danielle is also a professional hairdresser. That is something she wanted to be when she grew up and she's doing it, something most people can't say. She loves talking to new people and (hopefully) giving people a bright spot in their day!

Likes: wine, cats, elephants, hair, Maine
Kiera Tate photo

Kiera Tate


Kiera is the newest member of the High Branch team. She joins Brandy on the sales front to help get beer to our accounts. Did you know she can deadlift a full 1/2 barrel keg? We wouldn't recommend it to those with a bad back, they're quite heavy at 160 pounds! Kiera's favorite styles of beer: saisons, hefeweizens, and of course hazy ipas. If you ever need someone to grab a beer with, let her know!

Likes: trying new things, being creative, exercising, reading books, hanging with family and/or friends, NA sparkling water